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We have delivered on a variety of transportation planning projects, from site plans to regional plans. We offer a full range of multi-transportation planning services, including corridor studies, needs assessments, feasibility studies, transit planning, bike/pedestrian studies, growth management studies, and more. We also offer intelligent Transportation System Technologies Planning and Implementation Services. Below is a list of some of the Transportation Planning Projects we have completed:


  • FDOT D1, 2020 Census Urban Boundary & Functional Classification

  • FDOT D1, Districtwide Transportation Statistics  

  • FDOT D3, Districtwide Systems Planning Contract

  • Spanish Moss Traffic Impact Analysis

  • Tranquility Bay Pine Island TIS

  • Local Access Management Plan Development

  • Miami-Dade County, Traffic Flow and Street Closure Guidelines

Miami Freedom Park TIS.jpg
Miami-Dade County - traffic Flow.PNG
Job-01292022-AP-Roadway (34).jpg


  • City of Fort Myers, Cypress Village Parking Study 

  • Pinellas Suncoast Transit Authority, Clearwater Intermodal Center 

  • FDOT D7, Districtwide Transportation Statistics

  • Tern Bay Country Club Resort DRI

  • Transportation Systems Planning & Statistics Support

  • Miami Freedom Park TIS Peer Review

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