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Control Surveying

Right Of Way Mapping


Construction Surveying

FTE is well-versed in Conventional Land Survey methods. These methods are used in a project for various reasons. FTE considers size and type of project, budgets, and most importantly, safety, when deciding which land surveying methods to deploy.


FTE uses Automatic Levels, Total Station Theodolites to determine horizontal and vertical positions of existing features and monumentation to analyze and map a project. This is a boots-on-the ground approach that the general public is used to seeing along the side of roads or on construction sites. FTE knows that the advantages of using conventional land surveying methods is to verify accuracy as well as to provide a visual inspection of the project limits.

Mobile LiDAR

FTE employs the Leica Pegasus II Ultimate as the Terrestrial Mobile LiDAR survey grade mapping system for topographic mapping and asset extraction. The Pegasus II Ultimate is mounted on motor vehicles, trains or boats, and incorporates 360-degree spherical 24 mega pixel stitch-free images calibrated to the LiDAR data that is easily navigated and is used to measure quickly and accurately. This non-invasive innovative technology offers advantages over conventional ground surveys as the unit operates during daytime or at night. Benefits to using mobile LiDAR are enhanced data, increased volume of data, field cost savings, time savings, and most importantly, safety.

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