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Ravi Devaguptapu, PE, PTOE


800.639.4851 ext. 101

Ravi Devaguptapu, P.E., P.T.O.E., has 30 years of experience with traffic data collection, traffic operations studies, traffic safety studies, project traffic reports, operational analysis, access management, lighting design, land and sports development, and traffic signal design. Mr. Devaguptapu performs quality assurance/quality control reviews on most FTE design projects. He has successfully managed several contracts for FDOT and municipalities throughout Florida.  


Gary Ng, PE

Vice President - Roadway Design

800.639.4851 ext. 103

Gary Ng, P.E. has 26 years of experience in highway engineering design, project coordination and management. Mr. Ng has served as the Project and Contract Manager on several task work order-based contracts and reconstruction projects. His design experience consists of highway design, cost estimating, and preparation of construction plans which include multi-level interchanges, interstate widening, arterial widening and reconstruction, complex traffic control plans, resurfacing, intersection improvements, sidewalks, and trails.

Gary Ng_edited.jpg

Phillip Kurth, PE, PTOE

Vice President - Traffic Operations

800.639.4851 ext. 122

Phillip Kurth, P.E., P.T.O.E. has 17 years of experience specializing in traffic operations and signal timings. He has conducted over 600 traffic studies utilizing traffic modeling software and has retimed over 70 signal systems which include over 500 intersections for FDOT. He also has experience in intersection design, capacity analysis, roundabout analysis, speed studies, access management, and crash data analysis.


Oliver R. Rodrigues, PE, PTOE

Vice President - Traffic Design

800.639.4851 ext. 102

Oliver Rodrigues, P.E., P.T.O.E. has 33 years of experience in a variety of projects for throughout Florida. He leads the traffic design group which includes projects such as highway lighting, signing and pavement markings, traffic signals, and various types of traffic studies. His expertise includes long range planning, corridor studies, alternatives analysis, access management, and public involvement.

Oliver Rodrigues.jpg

William McBride, Sr.

Vice President - Land & Sports Design

800.639.4851 ext. 121

William “Bill” McBride, Sr. has over 30 years of experience as a lead civil and landscape designer specializing in the design of new and future renovation projects on various types of projects for the private and public sectors. Mr. McBride has been involved in innovative approaches to planning, design, permitting, construction administration of irrigation and landscape design on several national award-winning projects.


Charles M. Sloan

Vice President – Transportation Statistics

800.639.4851 ext. 104

Charles M. Sloan has 49 years of experience with traffic data collection which includes various types of data counts such as volumes, vehicle classification, approach, turning movement. He has also completed intersection/roadway characteristic inventories, condition diagram preparation, and travel time and delay studies for FDOT and numerous municipality projects.


Kurt R. Crist, RLA

Landscape Architect


Kurt R. Crist, RLA is a Registered Landscape Architect with 31 years of experience working with contractors, developers, architects, and engineers. He also has a strong horticulture background and completed several design/build projects throughout Florida. Mr. Crist has designed numerous waterfront and large-scale communities which are considered high traffic vacation destination communities.

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