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    March-2021 : Project Award
    FTE was awarded SR 684 From W of 86th St. to W of 26th contract for FDOT D1.
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    Feb-2020 : Project Award
    FTE was selected as the prime civil, playing field, and traffic engineering firm in association with Fawley Bryant Architecture for the $108 Million Roger Dean Chevrolet Stadium (RDCS) and Sports Complex Renovation project. RDCS is the Official Spring Training Facility for the St. Louis Cardinals and the Miami Marlins.
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    Jan-2020 : Project Award
    FTE was awarded MOT Plan Development contract with City of Tampa.
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    August-2019 : Project Award
    FTE was awarded Continuing Services Statistics Data Collection and Analysis contract for FDOT D1.

Florida Transportation Engineering (FTE) is a professional civil engineering firm specializing in Highway Design, Traffic Engineering, Traffic Operations, Transportation Planning, Traffic Signal Systems, Signalization Design, Lighting Design, Signing and Pavement Marking Plans, Maintenance of Traffic Plans, Drainage, Construction Engineering and Inspection CEI), ITS, Multi Modal, Highway and Traffic Data Collection, and Public Involvement. FTE was founded in 1989 and is a certified DBE and MBE firm with a staff of professional, technical, and support personnel. FTE has a presence throughout the state of Florida, with its main office in Punta Gorda with other office locations in Tallahassee, DeFuniak Springs, Jacknoville Beach, Tampa, Miami, and Fort Myers.

  • Traffic Engineering

    • Access Management
    • Delay Studies
    • Fatal Crash Reviews
    • Intersection Analysis
    • Left Turn Conflict Studies
    • Pedestrian/Bicycle Studies
    • Phasing and Timing Analysis
    • Qualitative Assessment
    • RRR Safety Reviews
    • Safety Studies, Crash Analysis
    • Signal Warrant Analysis
    • Speed Studies
    • Signal Phasing Analysis
    • Signal Systems
    • Signalization Design/Plan
    • Signal Warrant Studies
    • Signal Timing Analysis
    • Sight Distance Studies
    • Travel Time & Delay Studies
    • Turning Movement Counts
    • Traffic Studies
    • Various Studies from MUTS
    • Vehicle Classification Counts
    • Volume Counts
  • Transportation Planning

    • Arc View/GIS Maps
    • Annual Monitoring Reports
    • Database Management
    • Development of Regional Impact
    • FIHS Corridor Studies
    • Functional Classification
    • Global Positioning Systems
    • Highway Crossing Inventory
    • Impact Fee Studies
    • Origin/Destination Studies
    • Railroad Crossing Inventory
    • Roadway Characteristics
    • Straight Line Diagrams
    • Traffic Forecasting/FSUTMS
    • Traffic Impact Studies (TIS)
    • Travel Characteristics Surveys
    • Vehicle Occupancy
  • Land & Sports Design

    • Driveway Access Permitting
    • Drainage
    • DRC Process
    • Parking Studies
    • SWFWMD Coordination
    • NFL & MLB Stadiums
    • Major League Baseball Spring Training Facilities
    • Collegiate Facilities
    • Major League Soccer Fields
    • Permit Applications
    • Site Plans
  • Roadway Design

    • Drainage
    • Intersection Design
    • Maintenance of Traffic
    • Roadway Design
    • Roadway Corridor Design
    • Scope and Specifications
    • Signing & Marking Plans
  • Construction Engineering

    • Bridge
    • Enhancement
    • Lighting
    • MOT
    • Roadway
    • Signals
    • Signs
  • Miscellaneous

    • Action Plans
    • Corridor Designation Reports
    • Long Range Plan Cost Estimates
    • PD&E
    • Traffic Circulation Studies